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Cinemagraph – Living Photos


Yong and Nikki – Baguio Wedding


Brian and Gertrude – Healdsburg, California Wedding


Laurence and Sarah – Manila Wedding


Kurt and Pam – Manila Wedding


RG and Lyca – Baguio Wedding


Tobi and Michelle – Galaxy Macau Wedding


Ken and Dara – Manila Wedding


Lucas and Krista – Manila Wedding


Wilmer and Emma – Boracay Wedding


Dave and Darbie – Lake Tahoe Wedding


Onsite Wedding Slideshow Fest


Dingdong and Kathleen – Boracay Wedding


Kevin and Katrina – Kauai, Hawaii Wedding


Dennis and Porlleak – Boracay Wedding


Mariano and Celina – Boracay Wedding


Carlo and Kat – Wedding


Cayo and Sarah – The Dreamers


Taewoo and Diana – Hybrid Tagaytay Wedding


DJ and Ji Young – Boracay Wedding


Rodel and Ria – Maui, Hawaii Wedding


Jing Jong and Cristalle Wedding


Published January-May 2012


Jason and Francesca – Wedding


Howard and Lada Wedding – San Francisco, CA


Chris and Diane – Sonoma, CA Wedding


Adrian and Zabrina Wedding


Oyo Sotto and Kristine Hermosa Wedding


The Navins – Sonoma, CA Wedding


Patrick and Nicola – New Castle, England Wedding


Jake and Aditi – Guanacaste, Costa Rica Wedding


Edward and Aileen – San Francisco, CA Wedding


Ravi and Milan – Bali, Indonesia Wedding


George and Chastity – Oahu, Hawaii Wedding


Andrew and Angelie – Hybrid Boracay Wedding


Jeff & Pia – Laguna Beach, CA Wedding


Michael and Anne – Antipolo Bee House Engagement

Derrick and Ariane – Tayabas, Quezon Province Engagement

Spencer and Miel – Tokyo, Japan Engagement

Vibson and Ja – Hokkaido and Tokyo, Japan Engagement

JC and Det – South Korea Engagement

Ron and Charlene – Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Engagement

Cinemagraph – Living Photos

Carl and Milli – Ilocos Norte Engagement

Mark and Lizbeth – Ilocos Norte Engagement

Bjorn and Leah – Oslo and Sogndal Norway Engagement