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CineAlbum – Game Changing Wedding Albums

We live in a world of innovation. Where the only thing that is constant is change. And as technology grows, so does the exposure of our audience to various influences. Searching for possible pegs online now is made very, very easy. This is the reason behind our continuous search for new things to offer our treasured clientle. Aside from showing some uniqueness, we also want to show them that what they are aspiring for is feasible, and we may be able to take it a step further.


That’s why we re-invented even the supposedly simple and traditional wedding album. Our version is literally what one may call for “show and tell,” and is aptly named “ Cine Album.” As the name suggests, a screen greets you upon opening the package, allowing you to insert your onsite video or any other film or avp that was used during the wedding. Amazeballs, huh?


Just like all our other albums, this ones comes in an exquisitely made luggage-type box, that just screams “ I am a conversation piece waiting to happen.” From the textured exterior, to the handle that comes with your names engraved, and finally the fine art paper we prefer to use when printing your pictures – now complimented with video, suddenly presents a total viewing experience.


Everyone, welcome to the future of wedding albums!


CineAlbum by Nelwin Uy Photography from Nelwin Uy on Vimeo.


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