2016 Album Collection

New Phase, New Face

More than Just an Album.


Nowadays, getting the right photographer is just as important as picking your venue. After all, your pictures would be the best memento of the happiest day of your life. But often times, these albums get shoved in a box and after some time, unfortunately – forgotten. This is why Nelwin decided to re-invent his album options. Just one look at them and you would agree that none of them deserve to be hidden.


These albums look more like a piece of art, meant to blend in with your interior and forever a part of your home. And as Nelwin Uy is known for continuously innovating his craft, these options seriously show off his creativity and style. You would definitely find something that matches your taste and shows a little bit of your personality.




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There are two major categories to choose from:



These three different offerings all contain:

  • 40 page album
  • 300 pre-selected, post processed images in 4R archival prints
  • 1 keychain with customizable initials
  • 1 flash drive that contains digital versions of your photos


(A) Deluxe

Size is 10 x 10

Color: Brown with gold accent


Definitely a classic, this premium leatherette ensemble has a touch of gold on one side, adding on to its subtle elegance. It opens up to two slots that contain the album and a tray for the rest of the inclusions. Whatever theme you’ve got going for your living room, we’re sure this option won’t look out of place.


2016-04-01_0008 2016-04-01_0009 2016-04-01_0010 2016-04-01_0011 2016-04-01_0012 2016-04-01_0013


(B) Canvass

Size is 12 x 12

Color: customizable


Even at first glance, you know this box has a place on top of your coffee table. If you like texture and have a penchant for natural materials then its washed material would surely tickle your fancy. There are also a variety of colors to choose from, which means it can easily blend with your home’s color palette.


2016-04-01_0014 2016-04-01_0015 2016-04-01_0016 2016-04-01_0017 2016-04-01_0018 2016-04-01_0019 2016-04-01_0020 2016-04-01_0021


(C ) Duo Tone

Size is 15 x 10

Color: Customizable


This box in all its simplicity is pretty eye catching. All you need to do is select the top cover color to create contrast against the dark base. It hints of creativity, a tinge of quirkiness, balanced with the stern bronze handle that says timeless.


2016-04-01_0028 2016-04-01_0029 2016-04-01_0030 2016-04-01_0031 2016-04-01_0032 2016-04-01_0033 2016-04-01_0034 2016-04-01_0035 2016-04-01_0036





Each set includes:

  • Album
  • 300 pre-selected, post processed images in 4R archival prints
  • 1 keychain with customizable initials
  • 1 flash drive that contains digital versions of your photos



Album Size is 15 x 10 ( panoramic, 50 pages )


Sleek – the first word that comes to mind upon sight. Its modern facade comes with a uniquely planted compartment for the 4R prints. The album itself looks clean yet trendy, housed in a grey wooden console. When you open it, 20 sheets of your best shots are housed in a transparent pocket gallery.


2016-04-01_0037 2016-04-01_0038 2016-04-01_0039 2016-04-01_0040 2016-04-01_0041 2016-04-01_0042 2016-04-01_0043 2016-04-01_0044




Album Size is 12 x 12 ( 80 pages )


Now, this is what we call a conversation piece. It would be impossible for your album to go unnoticed as it is encased in an illuminated case with a beautiful wooden frame, engraved cover and base. The images are printed in fine art BECKETT paper that just adds more drama. Aside from the usual inclusions, it also features a 40 page Artist choice album ( 10 x 10 ), and 2 pieces of an 80 page mini replica of the main album ( 6 x6 ).


2016-04-01_0045 2016-04-01_0046 2016-04-01_0047 2016-04-01_0048 2016-04-01_0049 2016-04-01_0050 2016-04-01_0051 2016-04-01_0052 2016-04-01_0053


Art Deco

a Nelwin Uy x HEIMA Design Studio collaboration project
Albums are 2 volumes, 12X12 in size 30 pages each


A real game changer in the industry, the Art Deco packaging is not just a sight for sore eyes, but also very functional. Your artist choice album shows off the highlights of your wedding. Aside from that, a proof box ( 4R prints, keychain and flash drive ), and 2 volumes of the main album, are all housed inside this fine piece of furniture – which is a product of a partnership with Heima Design Studio. The covers of the album itself would leave anybody staring as the geo-abstract patterns in black and gold, are real standouts against the dark base.


2016-04-01_0002 2016-04-01_0003 2016-04-01_0004 2016-04-01_0005 2016-04-01_0006 2016-04-01_0007




Prenup/Engagement Album Set

Album size is 10 x 10, 30 pages
Color: Light Grey


We know you devoted a lot of time to conceptualize your pre-nuptial shoot, so it is only right to have them printed in fine art BECKETT paper. The added texture gives your pictures a softer feel, without sacrificing the sharpness of the colors.


2016-04-01_0022 2016-04-01_0023 2016-04-01_0024 2016-04-01_0025 2016-04-01_0026 2016-04-01_0027